5 Great Ways to Transform Your Home

Transforming and redesigning your home’s interior doesn’t have to be expensive or a major hassle. A few simple additions to a room can change its appearance dramatically and give surprising results. The following 5 simple tips provide you with excellent ways to transform any room of your home and make the interior a welcoming place for both your family and visiting guests.

Paint One Wall

Instead of painting a whole room, why not just paint one wall? Paint is cheap for the visual difference it makes to a room but it can be messy, and in bulk it can be tempting to put the job off until next year. However, by painting one wall, the room can be completely transformed in an afternoon.  The feel and mood of a room can be changed immensely by changing paint colours. If the room is white to begin with, choose a warm colour which works with the furnishings that you intend to put in the room.

This will give a good contrast as well as adding depth and tie the furnishings and décor in together.

Use Wallpaper to Create a Feature Wall or Make a Piece of Art

Wallpaper is making a huge comeback.  From vintage to retro modern, you can create a stunning feature wall in an afternoon.  Covering only one wall with wallpaper gives a striking, contemporary effect to any room. Another idea is to use strips of wallpaper instead of covering the whole wall.  Apply one to three strip of wallpaper evenly spaced down the wall. This also turns the wall into a feature, but with a totally different effect. You can also create a wallpaper screen by giving an old screen new life, by covering it in decorative, luscious wallpaper. Not only does it double as a room divider, it’s also a good option for those who are renting and still want to indulge.

I have also framed wallpaper to create interesting pieces of art.  Some of the vintage wallpapers are so opulent and loud they can be too overbearing for a whole wall. Instead, have a small piece framed and display it as a piece of art to brighten up a wall. I have also used textured wallpaper that you paint over.  It can be painted any colour and gives a lovely textured surface to your walls.

With your leftover wallpaper cover your writing journals or make a lampshade out of it, or just cut up squares and put them in picture frames. This is especially effective if you frame five or six different types of precious vintage papers.

A few points for you to consider once you have chosen your wallpaper are:

pick a background colour in the design to use as a guide for decorating the rest of the room, such as curtains, sofa colour or carpet colour.

Raise a low ceiling by using a paper that has a vertical striped pattern.

Make a large room more intimate by using rich, dark and large patterned papers.

Wallpaper is a great idea for the nursery. Babies will be visually stimulated by colour and patterns.


There’s a marked difference between a room with flowers and a room without flowers. The former is usually full of colour, character and vitality whilst the latter can be seen as stale, lifeless, boring and altogether rather depressing. I use artificial flowers most of the time because they so easy, last for years and make such a statement in the room.

I love the way you can bring a room together with big arrangements.  Large pots in the corner of the room with modern arrangements or even with lifelike bamboo or greenery adds a depth to the room that is hard to achieve with anything else.  I use the best quality flowers and greenery available and they are generally made from latex and feel real to touch.  Regardless if you are using fresh or artificial, bring some flowers into your home and watch the interior spring to life.

Be innovative and think big with your arrangements.  Three large glass vases filled with spider orchids and river stones look stunning and create a classy visual statement on a dining table.  I also use artificial trees and greenery in fiberglass pots for balconies which don’t need to be watered but still look lifelike and real.   

Add a Rug

Adding a beautiful textured rug can look great in your room plus it is wonderful for the acoustics.  I like to use shag rugs and generally in a solid colour or I have designed a range which have a silver thread in them, so they look great with stainless steel or chrome furniture.  Rugs can really enhance a floor space especially beneath a coffee table or in front of the television. I prefer solution dyed rugs as they are wear beautifully and are easy to clean.

Add Finishing Touches to Create Your Individual Room

Use cushions to freshen up your rooms.  Buy the most beautiful, decorative, textured cushions you can afford – leave the run of the mill ones.  Cushions can make or break a room.  They are the perfect accessory to pull a room together.  Team them back with vases, statues, throw rugs, art and floral arrangements to create the room.

The big secret here is to “Think Big” – choose a few big stunning pieces instead of lots of cheap little pieces.  Everyone can tell the difference between the two and considering the time you have them for and the visual statement they make, they are worth it.   With your furnishings, buy quality pieces that stand the test of time and look classy.

If you need decorating assistance, visit a Minkz Showroom in Melville or Osborne Park for Perth’s best range of furniture and homewares.  One of our Interior Designers or friendly consultants will be happy to assist you in-store free of charge.  If you would like an Interior Design Consultation in your own home visit www.minkz.com.au or ring 1300MINKZ1.

by Fiona May, Minkz Creative Director