Four things you must know before you purchase any barstool

1. What sort of Base do they have? The wider and heavier the base the more sturdy the stool, giving you peace of mind when young children and elderly people use them because the extra weight and width means they won’t move around and have potential to fall over, causing injury or damaging your expensive floors.

2. What type of Gas lift do they have? There are many different stools on the market, all with varying quality gas lifts. A heavy duty gas lift is the best option so your stool will last a lifetime and the gas won’t run out. Always be very careful to choose the best quality rams available so you don’t have any problems and ensure you get a guarantee with your stools.

3. What type of Frame do they come with? Be careful about frames screwed together because of the movement and stain that the bolts are under. Frames with screws tend to work loose and have never ending problems. Frames made with good quality tube or pipe and with all joins welded are good for life and will stay strong & not bend and be able to cope with the hectic wear and tear of everyday family life.

4. What Materials are Used? A heavy gauge welded steel frame with either a double chrome finish or stainless steel finish is best. I often see silver paint finish however it scratches and is not durable. Chrome quality varies enormously, so be very selective to ensure that the chrome you choose is double dipped to ensure that it does not peel.

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